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GNOME launches Every Detail Matters to fix minor bugs

by  posted on Friday, 02 December 2011 18:00

GNOME has announced Every Details Matters, an initiative aimed at taking care of all the little details and make sure that every part of GNOME 3 shines

The project will look into every minor bug and fix it.  The objective is to improve the overall experience to the end user. "Minor visual and operational details make a huge difference to the user experiences that we provide," says the project announcement.

Every Detail Matters will be divided into rounds, each of which will focus on a different part of GNOME 3. Designers and developers will work together to identify what needs improving, how to make it better, and implementing the required changes. We’re going to make sure that each round ends with a noticeable improvement to the component that we’re working on.

First Round

The first round will focus on the Activities Overview. It runs from December 1st through March 19th 2012. "We are aiming to fix 20 UX bugs before the GNOME 3.4 code freeze," says the Every Detail Matters wiki page.

The topics listed under Activities overview are:

  • Workspace switcher
  • The GNOME Dash
  • Window Picker

"Every bug featured in the initiative is something that will make a real, noticeable difference. Furthermore, you can be assured that support will be on hand, whether it is through patch reviews or design advice,"

The initiative gives an opportunity for the community to contribute their efforts to fix the minor bugs that undermines the overall user experience.

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