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Mark Shuttleworth firm on the success of Unity desktop

by  posted on Friday, 25 November 2011 17:03

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth is confident about the success of Unity desktop environment and says a lot of people are willing to contribute to make Unity a success.

With the Linux Mint gaining popularity over Ubuntu in the Distrowatch ratings, the Tech World is abuzz with speculations and very quick  to blame the switch to Unity desktop environment as one of the primary reasons for the fall. Mark Shuttleworth, however, says he is confident of the success of Unity desktop environment.

"I see a lot more people willing to say 'hold on, stop the bitching, i love unity, and i want it to succeed' and that's what will make a success of it," he said during a Q&A session.

"Kudos to [Linux] Mint for the jump in ratings. I’m glad Ubuntu has great derivatives, and i’m [confident] Unity will remain the #1 desktop environment for years to come," he said.

[Note: Distrowatch doesn't measure usage of distros, just clicks on hits to their distribution pages on their site. So it is not a metric.] 

He agrees that there are a lots of things to be fixed. "But [we] must focus on the core. It’s a fun project to hack on, and millions get to enjoy the result."

Ubuntu has been growing the Unity team internally and the community involvement is greater. "The perfectionism of a community process cannot be beaten," he says.

What is Unity's next step?

[Ubuntu] 12.04 LTS needs to be lovely on the desktop, and work on the new form factors will kick off,  says Mark.

The complete IRC log of the Q&A session can be found at

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